Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So here it is. My first post on my new blog about motherhood.

I've been waiting for a very special story to post on my blog that references my alter-ego, Erma Bombeck. Even as I read her writings from the 1960's, the timelessness of motherhood remains unchanged. The styles of clothing may have changed, but the heart of a mother has not.

So you can imagine my HORROR and fear when I saw this.

Yep, that is an empty vitamin bottle.

Which previously was only 3/4ths empty.

Because my darling almost 9 year old son, Marker Man, decided they were declicious AND nutritious.

And ate them like candy.

Never mind that he had already been instructed to stop eating everything in sight. Never mind mama had had one heckuva day and was already emotionally wrung through the ringer.

Nope, my little man ignored his common sense and ate the remains of the bottle, sneaking them one or two at a time until they were gone.

So the conversation pretty much went down like this.

Mama: Where did the rest of the vitamins go?

Tweenage girl 1: I didn't eat them.

Tweenage girl 2: It wasn't me.

Marker Man: ...

Mama: Did you pour them out somewhere?

Marker Man (looking anywhere but at his mama): ...

Mama (starting to panic): You didn't EAT the rest of these did you?

Marker Man: ... (taking a deep breath) Am I in trouble?